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"All Cottages" Accommodations Chart

Door County Cottages for 10-20 Occupants
Choose from:
  • Lodge — 5 bedrooms (20 person maximum)
  • Lincoln — 2 bedrooms (10 person maximum)
  • Gretnas — 3 bedrooms (10 person maximum)

How many people are in your group (including pets)?
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All of the cottages listed above will comfortably house 10-20 occupants. The rates for all of our cottages are based on certain amounts of minimum occupants. We do impose a minimum rate for each cottage. These minimum rates vary between cottages due to the different occupancy maximums and the rental seasons. Click over to the actual cottage page for each unit to view more details and pictures. Occupancy levels are based on 2 people to a bed and include the inflatable air mattresses. Remember that pets count as occupants. Make sure that you read the full description of the cottage before making your final decision.

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